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This year has been a very interesting one for our family. We have had a number of very big events happen this year.

  1. We finished the renovation of our house with the final touches in our kitchen. It’s such a refreshing peace to know that from the renovation standpoint our house is now complete. Of course there will always be things to do for house maintenance but all of our rooms are done and now we are just living in our home for now. At least until our next project when ever that comes…. We finished our kitchen with new counters and tile backsplash. We finished this project about three weeks before my wife gave birth to our son.
  2. Which brings me to the BIG event of the year is that we are now a family of three. Fatherhood is such an amazing point in life. I’m sure I will have more to write about this topic later on but We love him to death and enjoy every minute of time with him.
  3. My dog Diamond of 12 years passed away this year. She was diagnosed with Congestive Heart Failure back in December and she lived another 8 months. She was a great companion and best friend. She held on long enough to meet our son. Molly, our other dog was very excited to meet our son but Diamond had a much more somber and respectful approach to him as more of a “You’re Finally Here.” I have always been fascinated with her level of intuition as a dog. We had to take Diamond in for her last and final trip to the vet three days after we brought our son home from the hospital. That made for a very emotional week, but it was her time.
  4. Earlier this year we brought another pet into our family. Her name is Sadie and she is a Golden Retriever puppy.

All of these events seem kind of crazy if you really think about it all happening in the span of about 4 months. So many changes, and so much joy. I am thankful for all of the blessings that God has provided our family.

Well this is really just a very short blog post for now I hope to have more reflection on a few of these topics to come very soon if I can make the time.


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