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I live in the small town of Cornelius, just north of Charlotte. It’s a great little town with lots of things to do. Our little town is on the lake so there’s plenty of outdoor activities, great communities, and close enough to the city that we can get around and get to just about anything that we need there. And our house is located in a little arts district close to down town.

While all of the above reasons sound like a great reason to want to live in Cornelius, there is a bigger purpose. My wife and I both also happen to each work less than 3 miles from our home. So we are one of the few that have a very short commute and we get to live, work, and go to church all within the confines of our little town. Almost our entire lives fit within a 5 mile radius.

We love doing life in a small community. You get to know the people around you very well. We have the opportunity to impact our community. Part of doing life together means that we get to live, work, worship, and play all with our friends and family in this little community.

Our friends and coworkers live close by so we can get together and experience our town. Our little town feels like small town America but with all of the big city amenities as well.

But being in such a small community means we can also have a larger impact as we get to know the people around us better. We can have the opportunity to share the gospel and the ups and downs of what it means to live as a Christian today.

We are in the bible belt so its common for everyone to “Go to Church” but not everyone really knows what it means to be a true Christian. Living in a smaller community allows you that opportunity as there are always people watching and observing you. You run in to clients at the coffee shop on Saturday, bump into your neighbor at church, or having a conversation with an old friend you at the art festival down the street. There are so many opportunities for others that know you to get to know who you really are.

In a larger city that is less likely to happen because there are so many more people and so many more coffee shops. I am not saying its impossible, just that its much more difficult to feel like living your life can really impact your community as easily.

I love my small town, I love my Creator, and I want to do everything that I can to share Him with those around me.


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Who Am I?

I am a creative technical artist and I happen to work for a Church in what I would define as my dream job. I love what God has blessed me with and love to be able to share what I have learned over the 25 years that I have served in ministry.

Here is some of my
personal contact info
if you want to reach out.

Dusten Harward
T: +1 704-431-3851