Here is my EDC bag. I carry a number of things on a daily basis. Some of my selections come from my previous jobs as an IT technician and others are just practical items that I use often. Almost everything is used frequently and in my opinion is worth carrying on a daily basis,

So starting from the left side I have the following:
1. Lightening to USB-A cable – charging
2. 3.5 mm audio cable
3. Para cord bracelet
4. LifeProof case audio adapter
5. 3.5mm audio splitter
6. iPhone charging block
7. iPad charging block
8. Pliers
9. Phillips/flathead screw driver
10. Hex/star driver
11. Silver sailer stainless pen
12. Plastic ball point pen x2
13. Small sharpie
14. iPhone wire headphones/headset
15. Skullcandy headphones
16. Stripe card reader
17. Microphone for audio mixing
18. Blue Trayvax wallet
19. Business cards
20. Pocket multitool card
21. Small skull pry bar
22. Leatherman Rebar Multitool
23. Straightblade knife (wood handle and spring assist)
24. Black Karambit
25. iPhone
26. iPad mini
27. Tuckable leather holster
28. Black holster
29. Pipe kit
30. Headlamp
31. Pink para cord
32. Para cord hanging tools – for stringing things up
33. Walther PK380
34. Extra Magazine
35. Hand sanatizer
36. Lip balm
37. Allergy meds/alieve
38. Inhaler
39. Mints
40. Qtips
41. Bandaids
42. Oakley gascans
43. All carried in 5.11 Moab 6 bag
44. Also black spudger (not pictured)
45. J5 Hyper V tactical flashlight (not pictured)
46. Pocket Monkey(in wallet not visible)
47. Swiss Key (not pictured stays on my keys)

I am now a Development coordinator for my day job but it’s still handy to have many of these tools. I also serve as the technical director at my church so I have to be able to fix a number of technical issues at a moment’s notice.

The microphone I carry to be able to better check an eq while mixing.

I carry multiple knives as they each have different functions and purposes. The Karambit is most useful for cutting zip ties or general utility. The other knife is just a spare.

Any ideas for what I should add? What do you carry?

My Email Signatures

I have multiple email accounts. Its pretty common for someone to have an account they use for their personal communications and one for their professional communications.

For the longest time my personal email signature has been:


Dusten Lee Harward

“I believe in Christianity as I believe that the sun has risen. Not only because I see it, but because I see everything by it.” C.S. Lewis.


Being a marketing professional I have always felt that your email signature should be used to say something about who you are and give the recipient a way to connect with you.

So for a business email address it’s a great way to display your company logo, contact information, and a few links to your social media profiles. That way if the person you are emailing is a client or vender then they can follow you and have a way to leave you a review.

On a more personal side I thought I could put something in there that allowed someone to look into the window of my life for a brief moment and possibly understand me a little more.

This quote has been really important to me for a long time. As you should already know I am a Christian. I have always looked at life through the light of scripture.

“I believe in Christianity as I believe that the sun has risen. Not only because I see it, but because I see everything by it.”

What quote defines the way you think about the world? Would you be willing to put that in your email signature?

Important Email Tips

On the Need to Know
Avoid sending a message to a group unless every member of that group actually needs the information you are presenting. Also, when replying to a large group email only use the “Reply to All” button if everyone on the group list needs to know your reply

No surprises please
Use the Subject line to let people know what your email is about. Using a good subject line also helps people organize and find your email later.

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Wifi? or Wi-Not?

Do you like finding free WiFi (also known as a wireless hotspot) access around town, on vacation… or anywhere else you can get it? You know who else likes free WiFi internet access? Hackers.

Why, you ask? Hackers like it, because it’s easy to intercept your wireless communications. By collecting the data you transmit wirelessly, a hacker can obtain your ID and Password for your Email, Yahoo, Facebook, Online Banking, etc.  You may have your computer protected from unauthorized access, but what you send over the wireless network at the local coffee shop or eatery may be wide-open for anyone to see.

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