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A friend of mine posted a link to this video on Facebook and it brought a lot to my mind. It really seemed to hit home for where I currently am. Having spent an entire semester out at the Focus Leadership Institute last fall, I experienced a community of strong believers that continually sought after God’s face on a daily basis and it was very easy to follow in that pattern when you have a support group such as that.

Now that I am back home, it is all too easy to slip back into the hum drums of normal life just like before of the daily getting up and going to work and forgetting to seek after God on a continual basis like I did just last semester.

We as Christians today need to wake up and refuse to live life just like everybody else. We dont need to sit back and live like we dont care. We have the love of a savior that gave up His life so that we could share eternity together in heaven and that is the only way we can ever get to know God. If not for Christ, we would all be lost people living in a lost world that cannot ever truly experience true joy and happiness.

Since we have that ability to tap into the eternal joy that has been provided to us and the blessings that have been bestowed upon our lives we all need to stand up and refuse to not share our relationship with God and the joy it brings to everyone around us. Sometimes it all takes the form of just stopping to talk to a stranger and give a small word of encouragement. God provides many small opportunities to share His love with others throughout our days. We only need to recognize those small opportunities and take them. Stop and talk with the neighbor down the street that you havent met before, the guy hanging out at the gas station may just need a simple word of encouragement to brighten his day, or give some time to the kid down the street and help him with a problem he may be going through. It all comes down to sharing the Love of Christ with those we interact with. I challenge you to make it a priority in your daily life to take the road less traveled and live life together in True Biblical Koinonia (Christian Fellowship).

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I am a creative technical artist and I happen to work for a Church in what I would define as my dream job. I love what God has blessed me with and love to be able to share what I have learned over the 25 years that I have served in ministry.

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