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God calls us to worship Him with our lives. I have always had a heart for worship. It is in worship to my creator that I feel his presence closest. My pastor spoke on Genesis 4 recently and used Cain and Abel’s story to talk about worship and how that should look in our life.

This made me really think, Do I give God my first fruits? Do I give God my very best like Abel did? Or do I give God my leftovers like Cain? What does this look like in my life?

For me that means a number of things. I worship God in so many different ways. With my tithe I give my first fruits, but this should also apply to other areas of my life. Do I give God my first fruits for my time? No, I don’t. I have a tendency to want to set my schedule and I get “busy” and completely forget to give God my first fruits of my time. I let other things get in the way and make them more important than giving God my time.

What does that look like with my relationship with others? This I am still working through. I pray God teaches me what this means.

In the past I always looked at Cain and Abel’s story as though it was the type of sacrifice they brought, and thought God wanted a lamb not grains and plants. But It wasn’t until this sermon that I really gave it some thought that it had more to do with their attitude about their sacrifice. Abel brought his best and his first fruits, Cain brought his leftovers and was doing just enough to Get by.

How can we bring God our best? What does that look like for you?

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